Want To Help?

“Help Bring Manna Closer To Ending Hunger In The Conejo Valley”

Manna welcomes food donations by individuals. In fact, we rely on them! Manna accepts more than 225,000 lbs of donated food per year. Everyone can help make a difference in the fight against hunger in the Conejo Valley. Those in need—many of whom are children, seniors and the working poor—rely on Manna for their next meal. Whether you are an individual, company or community group, your donations have a direct impact on the lives of our friends and neighbors in need. We appreciate your donations.

To donate food, please drop it off at 95 N. Oakview Drive at the following times:

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm
Saturday 9am-1pm

All food should be unopened and properly labeled, preferably before the sell-by date. We can accept perishable food—refrigerated and frozen.

Please note that Manna does not accept donations of alcohol.

If you are interested in hosting a food drive, please let us know! You can fill out the food drive registration form here.

Top Priority Items as of July 2024

1. Shelf stable drinks – almond milk, fruit juice, soft drinks or sports drinks
2. Canned/jarred pasta sauce
3. Hamburger Helper or instant mashed potatoes
4. Boxed macaroni and cheese
5. Dry pasta – any kind
6. One-pound bags of dry rice
7. Canned pasta – raviolis or SpaghettiOs
8. Canned fruit – any kind
9. Peanut butter
10. Baked or refried beans

If you want to support Manna, here are some of the other creative ways you may want to consider.

Food Donation

Organize a restaurant fundraiser to dine out for Manna. We can help coordinate an evening out for your group where the restaurant will donate a portion of the proceeds to Manna.

Food Delivery

Do a bottle or can recycling drive with proceeds donated to Manna. Your group can collect recyclable bottles and cans and turn them in for cash at a local refund site. The proceeds can be given to Manna.

Donate Proceeds

Create an online fundraiser for Manna. You can click here to create your own fundraiser and see the results from your fundraising and know the impact that you are having in providing food for those facing food insecurity.

Create Your Own Fundraiser