Pick Up Food

Drop Off Food

10 - 3PM
10 - 4PM
10 - 1PM
M, W, Th
Tue & Fri
7:30 - 2PM
7:30 - 4PM
8:00 - 1PM

Please arrive 30-minutes before closing for food assistance and help with food donations.

Top Priority Items

1.Boxed Potatoes
2.Canned Stew
3.Vegetable Soup
4.Canned Chili
5.Pancake Mix
6.Hamburger Helper
7.Ramen / Cup o Noodles
8.Pasta Sauce


Founded in 1971 by a group of people who felt that no person should ever go hungry in the Conejo Valley, Manna Conejo Valley Food Bank has been providing food assistance to our friends and neighbors in need for more than 40 years; and have made it our mission — “To feed hungry people in the Conejo Valley.”


Manna is situated in a 700 square-foot house in the “Old Town” area of Thousand Oaks, and serves, on average, more than 1,400 people per month. With holiday distribution programs, we help over 20,000 people each year throughout the 101 corridor cities from the Calabasas Grade to the Conejo Grade.


Unlike many food pantries in the area, Manna is not formally affiliated with any religious organization, nor are we federally funded in any way. In fact, Manna exists almost entirely on private donations of food and funding. More than 95% of the food Manna distributes each year is donated by organizations, businesses and individuals from around theConejoValley. Funding is provided through generous donors and grant writing efforts.


With 1 in 6 people facing hunger issues on a daily basis, Manna has taken a strong stance against hunger in theConejoValley. There is no quick fix to the issue of food insecurity, but with unified dedication from our grocery partners, donors and a caring public, Manna is providing the support our friends and neighbors need.


We invite you to join us in our quest, where “Neighbor Feeding Neighbor” is a daily reality.





Back-To-School Hunger



Going back to school is hard enough for kids and families alike. But, for those families who struggle to feed their kids this time of year can be especially hard.


How can a child focus on a math problem or a new spelling word if they are constantly thinking about their empty stomach?


Teachers and school officials have a rough time too because they must compete with hunger for the attention of their students.


More than 65% of Manna’s clients have school-aged children. That’s over 1,650 hungry children in Conejo Valley schools each day. Many of these children qualify for the National School Lunch Program to provide the fuel they need throughout the week. But, what happens to these kids on the weekend, when no supplemental food from school is available?


For more than 40 years, Manna has been helping children get the nutritious and easy-to-prepare foods they need over the weekend. And with the help of the community we can do so much more.


I urge all of you to buy a few extra “kid friendly” and easy to prepare foods the next time you shop and pass those extras on to Manna where we can distribute them to children in need.


Manna is helping to change the lives of Conejo Valley children and you can help too!